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Adriatic sea!


Vacation in Dalmatia!

Apartments - Holiday accommodations in Croatia - Vacation in Dalmatia - Adriatic sea!

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  Offer / Stara Novalja / the island of Pag 

Stara Novalja: Apartments

Category:  3 - 4 stars ***

The owner of the apartments speaks: EN, IT

We rent apartments: 3 Ville

Villa 1 - ponuda 6 Apartments
Villa 2 - ponuda 3 Apartments
Villa 3 - ponuda 2 Apartments
4+2 Rooms / HB

Description of the object and the environment

Distance from the sea  0 m
Distance from the beach  0 m
Distance from the center 100 m
Distance from the store  100 m
Distance from the restaurant 0 m
Beach type: pebbles, sand Yes

Parking space

Allowed bringing pets No
Use of the grill No
Equipped kitchen Yes
Bathroom Yes
Air - condition* Yes
Terrace Yes
Sea view Yes
TV set + Satellite antenna Yes
Wi-Fi internet*  Yes
Phone No
Heating Yes

Code: DK-Stara Novalja-01

For more information and reservations:

Note: * Ville: "seafront".
* Beach Planjka (Trinćel), it is located approximately 200 meters from Villa.
* Stara Novalja is located approximately 2 km from Novalja.

North Dalmatia and the islands - The island of Pag - Stara Novalja - Panorama of Pag

The island of Pag is one in a group of north Dalmatian islands of length 60 km, area 284 km2. With 270 km of indented coastline it is the island with the longest coastline on the Adriatic, rich with coves, bays, capes and beaches, and the largest bay, the Pag bay, is rounded by 20 km of sandy beaches.
The island of Pag is famous for its lace, which you can take as a souvenir from the island, as well as the world-famous cheese.
The island is connected by ferries Prizna - Žigljen, and it is connected to Posedarje by a bridge, located 20 km from Zadar. Crossing the bridge is free.
On the island of Pag, we have 26 towns and they are: Tovarnele, Lun, Dudići, Jakišnica, Potočnica, Stara Novalja, Novalja, Gajac, Caska, Kustići, Zubovići, Vidalići, Metajna, Kolan, Mandre, Šimuni, Proboj, Košljun, Gorica, Vrčići, Stara Vasa, Dinjška, Miškovići, Povljana, Vlašići, Smokvica.

Paški most

North Dalmatia and the islands - The island of Pag - Panorama of Stara Novalja

Stara Novalja

Stara Novalja is a quiet and calm bay in the northwest part of the island. Completely invisible from the mainland, the bay hides all the advantages provided by climate and the Adriatic sea. It is especially suitable for diving, water sports, especially sailing. The sea, pleasant climate, beautiful sunny weather even off the season offer the relaxation for people who avoid excessive summer heat.

At the southeast end of the Stara Novalja stretches the beach Planjka (Trinćel), one of natural most beautiful and best tended beaches on the island. Evening walks on a long and beautiful promenade along the sea offer refreshments.
Climbers can enjoy climbing the island's hills. In Stara Novalja there are several diving clubs and diving is possible in almost all parts of the island's waters.

During the summer, numerous excursions are organized on larger or smaller boats, which lead to large national parks, Plitvice lakes, waterfalls of Krka, Kornati and Stari Grad - Paklenica.
Gastronomy, island restaurants during the summer in the offer have prepared fresh fish, fresh shellfish, crabs, but also traditional island specialties such as Pag’s lamb and cheese.

Stara Novalja

Tourist agency Davor Krtalić - Dalmatinac

Description and photos of the apartments!



Stara Novalja

Offer: In the beautiful bay of Stara Novalja on the island of Pag, we present three villas on the coast.
Stara Novalja is loaceted approximately 2 km from Novalja, center of Novalja: banks, ATMs, medical clinic, pharmacy, shops ...
Stara Novalja has two small shops and post office, but for the larger needs you should go to Novalja.
The beach Planjka (Trinćel), one of natural most beautiful and best tended beaches on the island and the villa is located approximately 200 meters away from it.

Vacation of your dreams!

Would you like to come true the stories from your childhood on a gold fish that fulfills all desires?

Travel agency Davor Krtalić - Dalmatinac
has an offer for you and your dream vacation!
Do you want:
Apartment or room by the sea?
Your own beach?
Your boat docked In front of your window ?
Beach chairs and umbrellas free of charge?
Sandy beach for your child?
Breakfast next - to the sea?
Fresh fish?
Pleasant and nice vacation to remember?
Stara Novalja - Villa 1, Villa 2 and Villa 3

Villas are directly by the sea. In front of the villas is a beautiful sandy beach
concrete pier and sundeck. Beach chairs and umbrellas for our guests are free of charge.
Small minimarina is used primarily for our guests who have boats and pier for them is free of charge. They can use water and electricity.
All guests have their own deposit on the beach to store their belongings.

The ground floor restaurant terrace extends to the sea. As part of this there is a travel agency and the main desk office. Guests at the beach use an open summer bar.

Guests at the restaurant have a rich menu: only home-cooked food, fresh fish, Pag lamb, pasta and a large selection of pizzas.

The beach Planjka (Trinćel), one of natural most beautiful and best tended beaches on the island and the villa is located approximately 200 meters away from it.

Accommodation in 3 Villas / Villa 1 and Villa 2 are next to each other while Villa 3 is 1 km away from Villa 1 and Villa 2.

Villas have:
- Mini-marina (moorings, electricity, water)
- A private beach for our guests
- Chairs and umbrellas for our guests are free of charge.
- Restaurant with a range of all local specialties
- Travel agency and exchange office within the building
- Rooms (three stars) - heating, air condition, mini bar, balcony, TV and satellite, half borad
- Apartments (four stars) - heating, air condition, mini bar, TV and satellite, half board

Click on the Villa image to see the apartments offer:

Villa 1 Villa 2 Villa 3

Sport, entertainment and recreation

Agency staff takes care on each guest and organizes boat trips, organized diving and fishing excursions and entertainment.
In the town of Novalja the guests can try out in the sports facilities: play tennis, football, basketball or engage in recreational jogging. In the evening guests can spend time in some of the clubs, nightclubs, restaurants and cafes.
Camping enthusiasts can choose staying in camp "Straško" located in the pine forest with beautiful beaches and sports fields.
Clean air and sea, beautiful beaches of the island of Pag and warm hospitality of the hosts, guests remain long in the memory, which can be felt again by the arrival of old guests.


Note: *On the page there are presented 3 villas in Stara Novalja, and we still havea ccommodation in other places on the island of Pag: Novalja, Stara Novalja, Gajac, Caska, Potočnica, Mandre, Vlašići, and Vidalići.




Price list: By request!

*Accommodation fee is included into the price of the accommodation. *Turnus: Saturday - Saturday.
*For stays shorter than 4 nights the price is 30%. *Arrivals to the apartment from 14:00 p.m. - departures until 10 o'clock. *View the house rules: House rules! 

Prices by request! Code: DK-Stara Novalja-01

*Discount: the agreement



Restaurant with a range of local specialties
Note: *Half board prices can be specially arranged. The half board price includes: bed, breakfast and dinner per person per day. Payment of these services is made directly to the owner.

Dear guests! A pleasant stay on the island of Pag wishes you a restaurant staff, visit us and see for yourself the quality and wide selection of fish and meat dishes.

Gastronomic offer

For a complete pleasure we recommend some of specialities from a full table,
especially Pag’s cheese and lamb, and seafood specialties, of course, with good
homemade wine. Preserved nature, exempt from any pollution, gives you the best fruits of the earth and sea, prepared for you as a healthy food. 

Each day a la carte breakfast, lunch each day for the whole family, every day your newspaper. We are expecting you! Thank you for visiting!

The crystal clear water and natural small beach



Beach Planjka (Trinćel), it is located approximately 200 meters from Villa.

The beach Planjka - Trinćel

The beautiful sandy beach located on the outskirts of Stara Novalja. The beach is covered with fine sand, it is warm and shallow and well-kept. Ideal beach for parents with small children. It has restaurants and a variety of sports and recreational facilities. Since the summer of 2004 the beach has a blue flag.

The beach Planjka - Trinćel
- gravel, sand
- accessible by car, on foot and by boat
- charging parking



How to reach us?

Connection between the island of Pag and the mainland is excellent: ferries on the line Prizna - (island of Pag) - Žigljen sail day and night, and the rest of the year they sail 13 times daily in both directions. On the island from the south side can be reached through the Pag bridge. Bus lines are common to the island of Pag in all major cities in Croatia.



North Dalmatia and the islands - island of Pag – Beaches

Beaches on the island of Pag and Novalja

The most popular beach Zrće except daily offers nightly entertainment in their attractive clubs Calypso, Papaya and Aquarius. The beach Straško is located in the camp Straško and offers many recreational facilities, as well as most of the beach in Novalja. Sandy beach Planjka is located in Stara Novalja and it is only 3 min by car from our facilities and we most recommend it to parents with children because of their hospitality and entertainment facilities it can satisfy all. Beaches Zrće, Planjka and Straško wear a blue flag and check yourself why is that!

The beach Caska
The beach is sandy, and the entrance into the sea is gravel. On the beach there are restaurants and some recreational facilities. Parking is free.

The beach Ručica
Sandy beach which is reached through a picturesque area called Kanjon. This beach many tourists have voted as the most romantic beach. Check out why?!

The beach Straško
The beach Straško is 1.5 km long and is located in the camp with a same name. In some parts of the beach is more rocky, but mostly the entrance into the sea is sand. After a few meters there is a sandy bottom. The beach has a lot of shade because it is located in a pine forest. In the offer there are many different facilities and has a blue flag. Part of the beach is reserved for nu.dists.

The beach Sveti Duh
Sandy - gravel beach is also part of the campsite. Part of the beach is reserved for nu.dists.

The beach Planjka - Trinćel
Sandy beach located in the bay of Stara Novalja. The beach is shallow, warm, and therefore ideal for small children. In the offer there are catering services, sports and recreational facilities suitable for the whole family. This beach also has a blue flag.

The beach Zrće
The most stunning and beautiful pebble beaches where you can use a variety of sports, recreational and entertainment facilities. On this beach there are the famous disco clubs Aquarius, Calypso, Papaya and others and the crazy party lasts night and day. For lovers of extreme sports there is offered the ski lift. Zrće has a blue flag and required toilets, showers and rescue team.



North Dalmatia and the islands - island of Pag - Panorama Pag


Meet the island of Pag

Pag is one of the largest islands in the Adriatic Sea. With its 270 km of indented coastline it is one of the islands with the longest coastline.

When in 1969 over the Ljubačka vrata was built a bridge, the island of Pag has actually became a peninsula. 301 meter long Pag’s bridge connects the island to the mainland. That is why the island is not hard to reach, because the bridge provides safe arrival by car or bus. At the same time, the island of Pag is an important alternative transport route from the continental part of the Croatia to Dalmatia and vice versa. Except crossing the bridge, to Pag is easily reached by the ferry line Žigljen - Prizna. From the island's port Žigljen to continental port Prizna ferry runs only fifteen minutes. There are also regular boat connection Novalja - Rijeka, as well as regular bus connections of Pag, Novalja, Kolan and Povljane with Rijeka, Zadar, Split and Zagreb.
Landscape of the island of Pag is very diverse. In lower areas protected from wind, from Šimun to Tovarnela, there is a rich plant life. There is growing pine, spruce, fir, mulberry, and on the cape Luna there are numerous old olive groves. High vegetation on the island is rare. It is dominated by small plants resistant to high impact of north wind.

The population of the island for centuries was engaged in animal husbandry, agriculture, fishing, olive growing and beekeeping, and in the area of the town of Pag there was salt production.

The heritage of the island of Pag – Pag’s salt - Solana Pag d.d. is the largest producer of salt in Croatia, and its production is based on the thousand-year tradition of salt production on the island of Pag.

Livestock has always had a very important role, but so far today only held the sheep, which has remained one of the most important industries. Sheep farming is the basis of production of cheese, cream cheese, sheep's milk, wool and Pag’s lamb.

Agriculture is represented branch of activity in which agricultural land is mostly covered with fields, gardens and vineyards.

Olive has developed a branch of agriculture on the island of Pag. Luna olive groves are eternal inspiration to painters who come in summer, painting an unusually curved trees. Olives are harvested in October and November, and from the olives harvested, part of it is reconstituted salting and canning, but the largest part goes to the mill in Luna, where it produces high quality olive oil.

Fishing was also developed to this day. Novalja is situated on the side of the island that is open to the sea, so the number of fishing boats sailed easily to Rab, Cres and Lošinj, and sometimes they went up to the middle of the Adriatic sea in search of a large, quality fish.

Tourism is the most important industry on the island of Pag. Although the first large momentum of Pag tourism was experienced in the early sixties of the twentieth century, though its roots stretch back much earlier. In 929 the first tourist prospectus of the island of Pag was published.
Today Pag has around 12,000. tourist beds, and during the summer season in Pag average stays around 50,000 guests. The development of tourism has encouraged the development of supporting industries, especially trade and catering.
Tourists have a wide selection of private accommodation such as apartments and rooms, then hotel accommodation in the fallowing hotels Plaža, Pagus, Biser in the town of Pag and Loža, Liburnija, Boškinac in Novalja. New luxury hotel, which is under construction, is located in Jakišnica.
If you prefer a more peaceful holiday, then the camps are for you, which are numerous on the island of Pag, and some of them are: camp "Straško" in Novalja, camp Šimuni, camp Sveti Duh, camp Povljana.

Entertainment on the island of Pag is something that in summer abounds everywhere. In Novalja, on the beach Zrće there is an exclusive night club "Aquarius" in which are organized performances by pop stars, evening entertainment in the exquisite surroundings of beach, sea and night. There is also an entertainment center, "Calypso", very popular among young people. In Novalja there are a number of cafe - bars which during the summer organize special entertainment programs. The main entertainment center in the town of Pag is a club "Vanga" where you can have fun with great music and a superb range of drinks. Disco club "Peti magazin" in Pag will attract lovers of disco, there are organized the party - dinners, it has a great offer of drinks, good service and parking space nearby. Guests can have fun at the various events that take place around the island, namely, fish nights, vocal ensembles, etc.

Sports activities are also highly developed. Novalja, Pag and Povljana have a well-decorated football grounds for holding the preparation of athletes, playin big matches, and where they can recreational be doing sports. Novalja has around twenty tennis courts near the camp "Straško", and in Pag there are tennis courts at the sports center on Lokunje, near the town beach Prosika. Novalja has a well appointed center "Kastelo" with fitness - center, and in the town of Pag in the hotel "Pagus" is also a fitness - center. The most beautiful yet are the water sports that guests can engage during the summer at all beaches.




When you are already spending your vacation in the town of Stara Novalja the island of Pag, take advantage of any of the offered excursions and thus complete your vacation.

More information and pictures available on the page: Pag!

 Kroz raznovrsnu izletničku ponudu posjetite neku od atraktivnih destinacija u širem okruženju.

• Towns in the surroundings: Novalja, Pag, Plaža Zrće, Zadar, Nin, Zaton, Petrčane • Adjacent Islands: Pašman, Ugljan, Krk

  • Croatia's National Parks: Paklenica, Plitvice, Kornati, Krka, Sjeverni Velebit

 More information and pictures available on the page: Tours!

Plaža Zrće


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