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Apartments - Holiday accommodations in Croatia - Vacation in Dalmatia - Adriatic sea!

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 HOUSE RULES -  Dear guests, welcome to our site! Welcome to Croatia! - Tourist agency Davor KrtaliŠ - Dalmatinac


      House rules - Turist agency Davor KrtaliŠ - Dalmatinac    

Respected guests!
We want to introduce you to the house rules where you booked for your accommodation.

You can arrive to your booked accommodation by 2 P.M. unless it is arranged otherwise. After your arrival, you are obligated to handover the accommodation owner voucher and your identity cards and pay total amount of money specified on the voucher, as well as allowances, accommodation fee, air-condition use etc.

After the owner shows you your apartment, on his demand you should sign the taking over clean and valid apartment filled with all contents.
You will receive a clean and tied up apartment. The linen is changed every 7 days. Most of apartment owners leave towels, but that is not the owner’s obligation. On the arrival is obligated that each apartment has 1 or 2 pieces of toilet paper, for all other days you shoul buy it yourselves.

In some objects, after the guest receives the apartment, the owner may ask deposit of 100 EUR as a guarantee for eventual damages, and on the departure day if everything is alright, the owner will return that deposit to the guest. You will be introduced to this obligation before you book the accommodation. All damage made but not notified on the departure will be claimed from the guest with on a court decision.

Departure from the apartment is by 10 A.M. Before departure you call the host and give back the apartment in the condition you received it: clean, tide up and undamaged.
If the apartment is not cleaned, you will pay cleaning fee in amount of 30, 40 or 50 EUR, depending on the size of the apartment. The owner is obligated to provide all equipment and products for cleaning.

The guests are obligated to take care of their things and valuables left in the apartments by themselves, and the owner is not responsible for their missing.

On your way out of the apartment you shoud close the windows, apartment’s and stairway entrance doors, you shoud be sure you turned off the water, gas, all electrical devices, including air-condition.

You shoud use the air-condition as the owner showes you how. If the air-condition is used in an irresponsible and non-appropriated way, the owner may demand damage payment and refuse further use of it.
Warning: Before using the air-condition it is needed to close all windows and doors. The air-condition can not be used with windows and doors opened. The air-condition can not be left turned on after leaving to the beach. The air-condition is not the refrigerator and can not reduce temperature below + 22 C.

Mutual use of parking spaces, out-door shower, out-door grill, as well as tables and chairs for relaxation in the garden requires fair behaviour and use towards other guests – not to take for a fact that those things are not your own property and therefor you do not care about it.

Apartment can be used only by the guests that booked the accommodation and is properly registered. Visits are allowed only with accordance of the apartment’s owner.

Smoking: if the smoking is not allowed in the apartment, you should observe the prohibition. Recommendation: you should smoke on terraces and opened spaces. It is needed to take out the garbage from the apartment every day.

Using other equipment and devices that are not basic part of the apartment’s offer is allowed only with accordance of the apartment’s owner.

It is forbidden to destroy the equipment and furniture, killing mosquitoes on the walls and ceilings, making disoredr and disturbance of other guests, especially making noise in the period from 10 P.M. to 7 A.M.

If there comes to a damage on the installation, furniture, devices and equipment in the apartment, the guest is obligated to immediately inform the host. If the guest is responsible for damage or missing things, he is obligated to pay the damage.

It is not allowed to bring in the apartment easy flammable and explosive material and things with strong or unpleasant smell without knowledge of the owner. It is not allowed to bring in the apartment elecrical devices that are not with accordance of the host. Consumtion of electricity that is included in the accommodation price does not assume unusual additional electrical devices, therefor for each device founded in the apartment will be charged additional electricity costs according to its consumption, used or not.

Bringing pets to the apartment is not allowed unless it is arranged and payed during the reservation.

In case of puncture of water and gas pipes or strong wind, the owner may enter the apartment to stop further damage; close water flow, close the windows etc. on the guests’s arrival the owner will inform him on the entrance to the apartment.

Warning: Before advance payment it is required to read: Conditions and House rules.
On advance payment you automatically accept both Conditions and House rules.
At the beginning of the use of the apartment is considered that the guest is introduced to house rules and that he accepts obligations and conditions mentioned in the house rules.
All complaints are taken into the consideration only if they are reported during the staying in the apartment. The owner of the accommodation is at your service and you can ask him for advice, obscurities, additional information or help. Afterwards complaints the Tourist agency Davor KrtaliŠ - Dalmatinac can not be taken into the consideration.

It is pointed out that to the guest who does not follow, respect or disturb the house rules, the apartment’s owner will unconditional stop-cancel the staying in the apartment without the option of replacement of the apartment, refund of money and afterwards complaints.
A pleasant vacation wishes you the Touris agency Davor KrtaliŠ

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Vacation in Dalmatia! Welcome to Croatia! / Tourist agency Davor KrtaliŠ - Dalmatinac

House rules! / Tourist agency Davor KrtaliŠ - Dalmatinac



       House rules   





Vacation in Dalmatia! Welcome to Croatia! / Tourist agency Davor KrtaliŠ - Dalmatinac