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Apartments - Holiday accommodations in Croatia - Vacation in Dalmatia - Adriatic sea!

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  Dear guests, welcome to our site! Welcome to Croatia! - Tourist agency Davor Krtalic - Dalmatinac

Davor Krtalic - Dalmatinac

Zprostředkování obchodu a služeb 
460 14 Liberec - Česká Republika
IČO: 74465520

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     Contact - About Us - Tourist agency Davor Krtalic - Dalmatinac   

Tourist agency Davor Krtalic - Dalmatinac is founded in 2007 with headquarters in the town of Liberec, Czech Republic and it is in fully private ownership
To the guests we offer accommodation in private accommodation (apartments and rooms), as well as hotels, boarding houses and camps on the territory of the whole Republic of Croatia, especially in Dalmatia and islands.
Our offer consists of more than 2000 accommodation units.

Davor Krtalic - Dalmatinac
Zprostředkování obchodu a služeb
Borový vrch 791
460 14 Liberec - Česká republika
IČO: 74465520
Mobil: + 420 73 285 5926
E- mail:
Skype: dalmatinac100
Dalmatinac 43315928
Dalmatinac 44783046

GPS Loc: 50°47'2.585"N, 15°3'32.295"E

Why use our services? Because we provide online directory of accommodation with all necessary information. Because we have to Rapo Lying 24 hours a day. Because we booked the apartment keys are not adopted by the reception, but you are waiting with our host welcomed. Because we care about you after your reservation until your return home and still stay in touch with you.


     Methods of Payment    

Advance payment to: Československá obchodní banka - ČSOB Online

Euro account:

Davor Krtalič
ČSOB 214 708 936 / 0300
IBAN: CZ47 0300 0000 0002 1470 8936

Davor Krtalič
Street: Borový vrch 791
Town: 460 14 Liberec
Česká Republika

After you made the payment, please send payment copy by e-mail or SMS to the mobile phone: ++ 420 73 285 5926



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What do we offer?
- We have a wide variety of accommodation offer in the Croatia
- We tend to satisfy all your individual wishes and needs
- We offer quality service, beginnig with your query about accommodation, departure to the accommodation to staying at your vacation
- We personally know most of the owners of accommodation units and their accommodation capacities
- We offer detailed information on each object, large number of fhotographs of interior and exterior
- We offer detailed description of the route of the journey to the accommodation unit, as well as contact phone numbers for eventual traveling help
- We offer personal description of the place of your vacation with the options for fun, recreation and all other things that can make your vacation more interesting
- We offer organisation of additional contents: excursions, diving, rent-a-boat etc. that can make your vacation more various
- We are at uor clients‘ service through the whole year.
Our goal is to become strong on-line tourist agency.
Our rich experience in the field of tourism, internet promotion and making of web pages – we want to share our experience and knowledge with you, on our mutual satisfacion
Professional and i partner relationship to the owner and the guest are the basic values that our business is based on.
Our primary goal is satisfacion of our users, that is the only right way to the success.
We want to achieve that goal with honest and correct relationship to you, offering you all information needed for an unforgettable vacation in Dalmatia.
Our success is high percentage of users of our services that come back every year.
Our goal is to make each of our guest satisfied and to recommend our firm to their friends, based on their own happiness and satisfaction.

Dear clients, we will try to meet your wishes and justify your expectations, and therefor justify your trust given to us.

Davor Krtalic

Vacation in Dalmatia! Welcome to Croatia! / Tourist agency Davor Krtalić - Dalmatinac

About Us! / Tourist agency Davor Krtalić - Dalmatinac



       Documents - Reservation, Voucher, Invoice, Route   

Davor Krtalic - Dalmatinac
Zprostředkování obchodu a služeb
Borový vrch 791
460 14 Liberec - Česká republika
IČO: 74465520
Mobil: + 420 73 285 5926
E- mail: dalmatinac@seznam.cz
Skype: dalmatinac101
Dalmatinac 43315928
Dalmatinac 44783046

GPS Loc: 50°47'2.585"N, 15°3'32.295"E


Statement on the privacy is used priorly to protect privacy of our users.
Pages Davor Krtalić - Dalmatinac you can view without commitment of giving your identity or leaving any personal information. Tourist agency "Davor Krtalić - Dalmatinac" collects data on your identity and other personal information only in case you decide to use some of services from our offer, that will result in requirement of advance payment or hirement of the whole service. We emphasize that we collect only information needed for regular accomplishment of the procedure related to hirement of the chosen service, and in that process we use only those information that you provided us.

We use your personal information:
- for reservation procedure for services we offer, as well as for all questions, obscurities or eventual problems related for hired service we will solve via contact information you provided us (e-mail, phone number or fax).
- for making reservation for chosen service: we will issue a quote, and based on it you will make an advance payment.
- for sending you on your e-mail address all relevant materials and information connected to hirement of the chosen service (instructions to the easiest route to your destination, voucher ...)
- for sending your personal information to the directly provider of the service you reserved and therefor you allowed direct contact between you even before using the service hired. Through direct contact to directly provider of the service allows you to solve all eventual dilemmas and obscurities on the best possible way.
- for forehand informing you of changes in our offer, special offers and therefor to provide you to stay up-to-date with the developmet of our web site.

None of collected information will not be used in purposes not above mentioned in this statement. Tourist agency "Davor Krtalić - Dalmatinac" does not sell, replace, rents or offers to the third parties your personal information, except in the case it is regulated to the procedure and is needed for easy implementation of the service hired.

Tourist agency "Davor Krtalić - Dalmatinac" can reveal personal information only in the case it is regulated by the law or a court decision, i.e. if there is a need for protection of claims and ownership of personal web sites or the need for protection of personal security of the user or the public.

If you do not want to receive any information on changes on our web sites, announcements on our offer or other promotive information, you can freely inform us on it, and your name will be moved from in the list in the shortest period of time.

Using our services we consider you accept all regulations of the statement on the privacy protection.

Liberec, 1 of May, 2007
Davor Krtalic



Vacation in Dalmatia! Welcome to Croatia! / Tourist agency Davor Krtalić - Dalmatinac